Father Frost and Ms. Holle are still waiting in Tyrol

Innsbruck – when will it be winter again? Not in the next few days, Tyrol’s valleys will remain green. Snow and rain remain – as in all of Austria – in short supply. It is too mild for the season.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, a cold front moves across the country. However, many flakes do not fall – and then only at over 1000 meters. The experts from the Austrian Severe Weather Center (UWZ) predict that more than five centimeters of fresh snow will not come together. However, the last showers abate in the morning. In the course of the day, the sun prevails more and more.

Forest and snow? None

“On Saturday the air pressure rises again from the west, and from Sunday a stable high will take over directing the weather in Austria for a few days,” says Manfred Spatzierer, chief meteorologist at the storm center. And a so-called temperature inversion occurs again. “While in the mountain and hill country there are sometimes maximum values ​​of mild 10 degrees and more, the temperatures in the lowlands remain in the single-digit range.” For Tyrol this means: sunny Sunday with 4 to 8 degrees.

The new week also starts off mildly, the chances of sunshine are good. A look at the weather maps shows that a more distinctive front could probably only move in next Friday – with a little more snow or rain. According to the UWZ, frosty days and snowfall down to the lowlands are not yet in sight. (TT.com)


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