Finaly snow! Winter comes to Tyrol at the weekend

Innsbruck – The snowflakes were long in the Tyrolean valleys this winter. At the weekend it will finally get a little white there too. “At least we can look forward to a short winter interlude,” says Werner Troger from den meteo experts to Tyrolean daily newspaper online,

Up to and including Friday it stays sunny and very mild with up to 7 degrees. “In the night to Saturday, dense clouds gather from the west and spread all over Tyrol,” predicts the East Tyrolean meteorologist. They have snow, sleet and rain in their luggage. “In the lower regions like in the Inn Valley there will be more sleet at first. Dangerous black ice is not out of the question. “The snow line continues to fall.” At the latest at night on Sunday it will at least be sugar-coated in the valleys, “predicts Troger.

According to the weather expert, large amounts of snow are not to be expected in Tyrol. “In the mountains it can be around 10, 20 centimeters of fresh snow. One or the other centimeter remains in the lower layers, but it won’t be a thick blanket, “says Troger.

Up to 40 centimeters of fresh snow in the Salzkammergut

But it is not only winter in Tyrol: Especially in the northern Alps from Salzburg eastwards, but possibly also in the eastern lowlands, winter arrives from Saturday evening. According to the forecast of Austrian Severe Weather Center (UWZ) From the current perspective, the focus of the snowfall is between the Salzkammergut and the Gutenstein Alps. Up to 40 centimeters of fresh snow can be expected in exposed locations.

Even in Vienna, the first centimeters of snow could fall this winter. How much cannot be said here: According to the UWZ experts, there are between 0 and 10 centimeters.

Just a short interlude

But the winter magic won’t last long, says Troger: “The air pressure rises again as of Sunday. The new week starts again with a lot of sun. But it only stays noticeably colder during the day than before. ” (

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