From one extreme to the next: Dry canals in Venice

Venice – From one extreme to another: Two months after the tidal wave that caused damage of one billion euros, Venice is now facing unusual drought. On Thursday, the water level was an average of 50 centimeters below sea level.

Several smaller channels had dried up. This caused some difficulties for gondolas, but not for the water buses that operate on the Grand Canal. According to local media, the San Polo and Santa Croce districts are particularly affected by the “Acqua bassa” (deep water). There were problems for the fire brigade and emergency rescue boats.

In November, an extraordinary flood hit the Italian world heritage city. On November 12, the level had risen to 187 centimeters, the highest level in 33 years. St. Mark’s Basilica was flooded and damaged by the salt water. Since then, hoteliers have complained about an unprecedented decline in bookings. (APA)


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