Too warm and little fresh snow in sight

Innsbruck, Vienna – In the coming week, mild and turbulent western weather is forecasting, ZAMG predicts. Due to continued low pressure activity over Iceland, relatively mild air continues to be transported from the Atlantic to Central Europe.

For this reason, temperatures are likely to remain above the long-term averages, particularly in higher and wind-exposed locations. Only in sheltered inner-Alpine basin areas can cold air lakes hold up, which can lead to average or even slightly below-average temperatures in this area. At least from the middle of next week, with the lift of a weather front, the clouds between Vorarlberg and Upper Austria start to condense in the first half of the day and precipitation occurs. The snowfall limit is initially around or over 1500 meters, but drops again to around 1000 meters when the cold front arrives in the west. In low altitudes there is no real fresh snow.

According to ZAMG, the probabilities for average and above-average temperatures in February are almost on par with January, at just under 40 percent each. The current slope conditions in many Tyrolean ski areas are still good, even if you still hope for snow in general. (TT, lipi)


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