Christian Louboutin: “A woman wears high heels because she wants to wear high heels”

Christian Louboutin: "A woman wears high heels because she wants to wear high heels"

Christian Louboutin is the tenth guest of the podcast “Le Goût de M” proposed by M Le magazine du Monde. 

The designer of luxury shoes and handbags receives journalist and producer Géraldine Sarratia in his apartment in Paris, on the occasion of the exhibition L’Exhibition [niste] devoted to him by the Palais de la Porte Dorée, from February 26 to July 26. Christian Louboutin evokes the sense of detail inherited from his father cabinetmaker at the SNCF; the monotonous holidays spent very young with family between Brittany and Périgord; his passion for Indian and Egyptian cinema; how Tintin gave him a taste for travel; his young years at the Palace with Eva Ionesco and Farida Khelfa; the influence that dance had on his taste for shoes; his admiration for Samia Gamal, Jacques Demy, David Lynch, Oscar Niemeyer and Sofia Coppola; his dislike of the right angle; the creation of his famous signature red sole and the love of women for heeled shoes.

Every two weeks, a personality from the world of culture, fashion, design or cooking will tell his personal story of taste. But also his disgust. How she shaped an art of living, in continuity or on the contrary in rupture with her environment of origin. How this one has evolved during his life, his meetings, his experiences.

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